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Need Help Big Time

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i have been in contact with a gentialman who has a Four Horseman Arms marked sideplate 1919 he has broken both ears off the sear and is in need of help in finding a replacment has anyone heard of Four Horseman Arms and if so who`s design of trigger bar/sear did they use ??????:confused:
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here is there email address if you want to try to contact them.

Four Horsemen Arms, LLC
Type 07 FFL, Class 02 SOT
P.O. Box 50
Fairburn, SD 57738
Phone: (605)255-5548
email: [email protected]
thanks i will pass it on :D
does any one know what side plate and trigger/ sear they use :confused:
Most likely a Lee Machine type. BTW a KMP sear will fit a Lee Machine design.
VERY strange

four horseman arms claims they only made the side plate and yet it is serial numbered like a manufactured gun they made and they claim they can`t help him out about the sear, revits are professionally done VERY STRANGE
the side plate requires two grooves cut in the barrel extention and the right side cam fork is thinned and riveted on ,the "broken" trigger bar is spring loaded to drop on disconnect the sear is appearently an unmodified f/a sear so we are going to try that and if it doesnt work then we will have to go to a KMP set up
Check with ATF. If they made it, ATF will have the serial number as the manufacturer had to pay the tax
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