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I bought some 1k rounds from southern ammo, after sorting out the first 500 here are what the stampings are.

LC - guessing Lake City. just 1 round.
A with a plus inside a circle 7.62
and this one

Also received some stamped SF with an I directly accross from a friend of mine.

sure could use some input on what this ammo is and is there any of it that I should stay away from?

Is there a website I can check what this ammo is?

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Hey sned45,

LC would indeed be Lake City Ammunition Plant, Lake City, MO.
The plus inside of a circle is the NATO head-stamp.

IVI = Industries Valcartier Inc., Valcartier, Quebec, Canada

IMI = Israel Military Industries, Tel Aviv, Israel

FN = Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre (FN), Herstal, Belgium

FNM = F?brica Nacional de Muni??es de Armas Legeiras, Chelas, Portugal

SMI = Societ? Metallurgica Italiana, Campo Tizzoro, Italy

WCC = Western Cartridge Company (now Winchester) (Olin), East Alton, IL

TZ & TZZ = Israeli Military Industries, Tel Aviv, Israel

SF = Soci?t? Fran?aise des Munitions, (G?velot S. A.), Place Jules G?velot, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France

The pictured cartridge I believe is also Israeli. Is that a K or an X stamp at the 12:00?

I thought I'd heard once that the pictured cartridge with the Israeli "n" head-stamp had some problems.. But that may have only been with a certain batch.

From what 762x51 I've fired over the years from that list, the Lake City (Federal), FN, FNM, WCC, and IMI should be fine and non-corrosive ammo.
Not sure about the others as far as corrosive or performance.
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