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need help with SBR paper work

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I'm working on filling out my paperwork to sbr my mp5 clone and i have a few questions. Where they ask for barrel legnth are they asking current or planned, under desciption, markings what goes there, and i read thru the instructions and it seems that if it's not being built from parts i dont have to change the s/n is this correct or can i just add my intials to it. it looked like you only need to add address if you made the receiver and gun from parts but this was not, it's just a commercial mp5 clone with a 16" barrel.

On the citizen certifacation do i fill that out or does the cleo fill that out when i go there for his sign off.

And lastly is there any other thing i need to know i'd hate to have this returned cause of a paperwork error.
Thanks for any help,
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Engraving must be at least .003 deep and in plain sight, can be marked on barrel OR receiver, probably best if receiver. HKs? Say mag well, top of receiver, or right in front of recoil plate, you can no longer mark in hidden area.

Engraved info can be abbreviated, your initials, city, state, zip, just some way for LE/ATF to ID rightful owner should it be lost/stolen.
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