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Need technical build advice on a DP28

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Guys, Id like to build a DP28, but due to lack of parts, machine services and cash I wont be able to build it as a semi. Id like to make it a 'pull' gun, the equivilant to a bolt action. I know its boring, but I wanna see if I can do it. Here is my idea, and mind you I have NO knowledge of how this weapon functions.

If I totally omit the gas system, as in remove all critical parts and weld it all shut, a) will the weapon still chamber and fire, and b) will the ATF consider this enough of a mod to rule out being a MG?

Im not looking for difinitive legal advice, just opinions.

If this kind of modification wont work on a DP28, does anybody know a weapon it will work on?
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The work is the same...

The reasons you give for not being able to build a semi would leave you equally incapable of building a single shot. ATFE would not consider the lack of a gas system as sufficient to remove the rest from the NFA realm as the receiver would still fire and house full auto fire control components.

Sorry, but if the constraints you list are true constraints, your build plan is not viable. As a way of getting around this, perhaps you could simplify a build design and base the design on things that can be done with hand tools. Welding can often be bartered for and a Dremel is a very affordable machine tool. I have personally fired a Gerat 06H that was made with little more than a file, OA torch and a hydraulic press!!!

Never give up! Have fun!
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