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New Build - Trigger Question

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I just finished my first build over the weekend. Took a long weekend and used a vacation day. Of course it's just my luck that the site has been down, and I ran into a few problems, all solved (or fixed) except one. Boy, that tutorial would have been nice a few times.

My trigger pull (KMT with machining by Brian), is atrocious. Probably 20 lbs. I also noticed that when pulling the trigger, the back of the bolt dips down .050" or so.

Is this normal? Is everything just tight?
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Check your back plate!...It might be that your back plate may be dropping causing a clearance issue with your trigger...Try this!....Cycle the gun to set the trigger / Pull the back plate, all the way up as hard as you can with one hand and pull the trigger...If that helps...remove some metal from the trigger slot....In my case on my ORF, it took two hands to pull the trigger!...I added a piece of rubber sweeper belt in the bottom slot of the back plate groove to lift it and take away the slop..It runs like a champ now...HTH
The bolt moves on every gun..It has to be a sear issue...KMP triggers are vary crisp!...Vary short throw!....Do you have the plunger stile return spring?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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