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new KMP trigger return springs FS

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we are now offering new 1919 trigger return springs, .055 music wire with plain finish. exactly what you need to finish your set up, $ 5.50 mailed to ya. $5.00 with a trig and sear order. KMP quality that you expect!!! MO/PC sent to KMP 556 caldwell ave mansfield ohio 44905 get's em. thanks foryour interest. tomt
finally huh ?? :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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everyone has asked for them. here they are !? tomt:eek:
Well its about time TOMT, lol just joking. :D :) :rolleyes: But seriously thank you from all of us for continously providing quality products that keep our guns running like they should. P.S. I will be sending that money order for the trigger disconnector and spring with pin soon.

Thanks kaotic01
Sear only available?

Thanks for posting info, I will be taking one also. Are KMP sears only available? I have heard that I should have a spare in my kit.



yep , we got em in stock. it always pays to have an extra. thanks. tomt:eek:
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