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*NEW* Multi-Caliber A6 Shooting Adapter (Pics)

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Now available is a custom multi-caliber A6 Shooting Adapter.This adapter utilizes a modifed .30 cal ammo can to hold your ammo and to collect your spent links.Its a simple and very effective design that allows the shooter to have a compact yet versatile shooting system.Never again worry about your spent links falling onto the ground and getting dirty this adapter keeps them clean and ready to re-link at the range.
This is adapter simply pins right onto your 1919 with the supplied hardware and only takes less than a minute to install.This gives you a very affordable clean shooting system for your A6 ground set-up.This adapter accepts all calibers and is very easy to use.

*Modified .30cal ammo for dual purpose use
*Mig & tig welded throughout (welds sanded for a smooth finish)
*Fully enclosed link chute
*Belt assist (keeps your belts feeding properly)
*Quick pins (allows you to take your can off without removing the whole system)
*Support handle (allows you to transfer weight off your shoulder, makes a huge difference)
*Comes in Black or OD paint scheme
*Has built in brass deflector (keeps brass ejecting out the side and helps protect from case blowouts, deflect debris aways from the shooter)
*Comes with all hardware and pins right onto your 1919 (no modifications neccessary)
*Comes with modified ammo can (has divider built to keep ammo & links seperate)

Price for complete adapter is $200 shipped

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Did I read somewhere that it will work both as a ground unit or mounted on a 42 AA tripod with T&E. If so, I need one too..
You know my issues...

The other A6 proto you built me worked great for the Sports Fair. I need to get the guns up for the public to use. Put something together for me....Ron
Have you tried this?

Seems if you move the link/can divider to the 1/3 sector you should get at least 125 rds and the links would fill up in direct proportion to the rounds shot. Just a thought?
Nice job.....

Just got my speciality Multi adapter from Richy....It's a shorty can with tube...Guess what the shorty can can be replaced with a full size bottom and a divided with a piece of plywood and a few nails.

Dual capacity multi A6 adapter...baby one for patrol and one for full on skirmishes.:p;)
1 - 4 of 44 Posts
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