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New petition to repeal NPS self defense ban!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Virginia Citizen's Defense League, along with around 4 dozen other state & national groups has submitted a new petition to NPS to amend the Parks weapons ban and restore the right of self defense to Park visitors.

http://www.bighammer.net/timeline.html. click go to most recent updates.

There's a link to the new petition, plus more FOIA documents showing that NPS is requiring personal safety waivers be signed to conduct research in some parks.

What you can do:

If you belong to one or more groups that represent your firearms interests, check to see if they are a co-petitioner. If not, ask them to get in touch with VCDL - www.vcdl.org and ask to be a co-petitioner.

Call your congressional delegation and tell them to support VCDL's Petition.

There's also Senator Coburn's amendment to eliminate the ban legislatively.

Every little bit helps.
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