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Just when you thought your wallet was safe!!!

New group buys posted at http://www.weaponeer.net

coming soon
Romak 3 Kits and Receivers
Semi Auto STEN Tubes (80%)

Group Buys Running Now

BREN MKI and MKII Parts Kits W/O Barrel - Includes torch cut receiver and Bipod

PPSH41 parts kits

IMBEL FAL Parts Kits

Franchi LF57 parts kit

PPSH-41 80% repair receiver

Suomi 80% receivers

VZ-58 Hybrid receiver Group Buy

1919 60 degree rivet sets from Black Bear

AK Rivet Sets

MG15 80% receiver group buy (BATF Approved)

AK Parts kit conversion kit to Pistol

Romanian side folder stocks

M1919 Barrel Wrench for headspacing

PBS-1 and PBS-5 Barrel Extensions

set of 3 trunion pins

Hensoldt Z24 stanag sniper scopes

German Paratrooper knive (going fast :eek: )

AA Tripod Adapter and T&E mechanism

Versa-Pod Quick Detachable Folding Bipod

And more!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope the "and more" includes the left side plate for the Maxim 1910.

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fal_762x51 said:
Does this mean your a getting better Gary? I hope so.
Yes better every day, but it's a lot more work now with the hand like it is. :cool:
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