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New weapons building site

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Hi all,

Just wanted to post that there is a new Firearms Building Forum up and running - I am delighted to be one of the moderators over there and am just trying to help spread the word a bit. Were still small in numbers but we are hoping to grow and we need you to do that.

So come on by an have a look around - feel free to make a post or two and I hope to see you all around in the future.

Click here for Weapons Guild

~Tbcseod and the staff of The “Weapons Guild” Where builders help builders.
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Still got seats available at the build table

Thanks SDK and Rug!

We've had a lot of ya all coming over and a lot joining in - lots of familiar names and not so familiar names and some we have just plain never seen, but we always got room for more - come on over and join in the fun!

Click here for Weapons Guild

~Tbcseod and the staff of The “Weapons Guild” Where builders help builders.
quick update

Just a quick update - the site has more than doubled in membership and the boards have started taking off with all kinds of chatting and building and ideas in general, I would personally like to thank everyone that has come over to check out the site and would ask those that haven't to stop by.

Weapons Guild

Thanks again,
TbcSEOD and staff of the Weapons Guild
Hey Tbc, I can't speak for the other authors, but you're welcome to post the 1919 semi build and misc tutorials done by myself over on that site if you wish...the more beltfeds the better.
Wow, That is way cool of you Lobo - I and the rest of the staff are very appreciative of that offer, I'll take you up on that I am sure - assuming you don't come over and post them yourself :D - I'd even do it if you wanted to just come over :eek: (truth be told, I'd fill in your sign up form and repost the builds over there for you - as long as you came over and pulled up a chair at the build table form time to time.......)

Same for everyone else - plenty of room, come on over - its sort of like a cybor build party :rolleyes:

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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