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New year, new wtf moments.

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New year, new wtf moments. 2 different 1917s in for rebuild. Neither are here because of this specific set of issues. One, the jacket had been taken apart, solder cleaned off and reassembled with permatex black.... except they didnt line the end cap up straight. The other 1917, somebody thought bondo was a good idea.... ffs. I wish bubba would stick to cars and not mgs.

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Work as a gunsmith you see all sorts of wtf stuff. I still wonder wtf OOW was thinking in parkerizing those 1928s. That leaves me two big restoration projects
I think there was about a $2K difference in price between a parkerized 1928 Colt water cooled and the blued ones that were built and sold by OOW. They probably sold a majority of the parkerized ones.
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