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Newb Questions

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Well, the parts kit has been ordered from OOW. So now on to the questions. First off, I am having a .308 izzy kit built into a 30-06 by John McGuire in February. In the mean time, I want to try and build up all of the odds and ends for the gun inbetween now and the day that my gun is sent off and finished.

First question: Is there any reason that I should not get USGI links for the 1919 instead of the izzy links? I currently have no intentions of changing the gun back to .308, so I don't really need the flexibility of the izzy links right?

Number two: I s there any place out there to get 30-06 for any cheaper than the CMP? I am drawn to the 30-06 guns due to it being the current lowest market priced ammo out there. I really wish I could have been there for $60 cases of romy 8mm, but that didn't happen. I might buy another kit in the future and give 7.62x54 a try, but that may or may not happen.

Number three: The only accessories I have planed for this thing right now ar the following: Repro M2 tripod, T&E and pintle, a dual can tripod adapter, and a scope mount with a holo-sight of some sort. Is there anything else that you guys would say is completely necesary. The only thing I am light on, aside from ammo, is .30 cal ammo cans. But I have a great local source for those
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well if your going for a 30.06 gun and have no plans on switching to 8mm/54R or something then stick to the cheaper usgi links - why pay $40 more per K if you dont need to. On the flip side i also had no intention of switching calibers at first, but it did happen when 308 really dried up, and i was glad i had the izzy links when i swapped.

I dont know what CMPs prices are, but i seem to remember century arms having some, might check them www.centuryarms.com here i did it for ya

Product ID: AM1312A
Taiwan .30-06 Ball (151 GR.)
Details & Associated Product Family
Brass case, boxer primed, corrosive. FMJ. 264 rds./can. On Garand clips. Clips will be rusty and ammo may show oxidation and be tarnished & rusty
dont know if its any good or not.

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