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newbie 1919 questions

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I think my next gun project is going to be a belt fed, and I really like the 1919 (actually I like most of what John Browning designed :).

What exactly do I need to buy to make an operational 1919? I've read enough to see that I need a kit, a right side plate, some rivets, and I need to do some machining of the internals. Am I missing anything? Obviously links/belts/tripods are going to come next but first I want to get the gun built.

Is there a difference in different kits from different sources? I've noticed that some of the kits are Israeli, does 922(r) apply to these kits?

What about 80% right side plates, are they all about the same or are there significant quality differences?

Are there any good deals where I can get all the parts I need to build a kit in one place?

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You are going to need a semi trigger and sear.
You know what, I'll be honest with you. I built my 1919 and I really really like and enjoy the process and saved myself lots of money. This can, however, become a pricey endeavor.

You are going to have to get a kit.....that's 300.00 from Ohio Ordnance. Or 400.00 from elsewhere (plus shipping, about $40.00).

The sear, trigger, trigger spring and rivets will run you about 175.00. And you will need a right side plate; about 125.00.

You have to get the internals machined. Depending on if you have someone do your internals, or you buy a set already done: that'll cost you anywhere from $150 to 350 depending on what you get done and what you buy.

Then you have to buy the parkerizing stuff. The chemicals, if you get good stuff like Shooters Solutions black mangenese, will run you about 100.00 and you will need a tank and heat source to do this.

And oh yes, you have to sand blast the parts first. You can do this yourself if you have a compressor, or you can take the parts to your local headstone maker. The headstone guy will have a great sandblast outfit. This will cost you about $50.00.

Or, you could contact Allied Armament. I'm not a spokesman for them or anything. But that price is damn good for a gun.
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I saw the AA kit, it does look like a great deal on a good piece of equipment but I'm pretty insistent on doing this myself.

I can do most of the work myself so that will help keep costs down, I can weld, I've got a press, my friend has a mill (big enough to do the internals, not big enough for the RSP), I've got a compressor and a blaster, etc.
well, I've done one of each, built by me and one built by Allied.

Having built one, I'm not going through that again. I have a bad back and it was a real chore for me.

There really is no one stop shopping unless you can find someone in the for sale forum that is selling a package.

You'll just have to round up the parts yourself. Shop around and keep looking in the for sale forum for deals.

Don't wait on the tripods and links/belts/belt loaders/other equipment as some of it is getting scarce and pricey.

Like I said though, you can luck into deals in the for sale forum if you keep your eyes open.

I don't advocate one builder or source over another, but 30calmachinegunner was offering a whole package deal including machining of the internals. I've seen his work and it looks good and he is, or was, the only person I heard of that was putting all the parts and pieces in one package for the home builder. The prices I saw looked pretty competitive with procuring all the stuff individually yourself. You might check it out.

Otherwise, other posters have told you what you need in addition to your list so you can pull the parts together yourself too. We have several good guys doing machining on this site and the pricing is competitive and the workmanship excellent.

Have fun.
It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on it. This was my first 1919 build, and I'm pleased with it. It is not, however, my first build. I've done quite a few.

I ended up with two complete sets of internals which is nice. If you machine those internals yourself....get carbide cutters. That is some of the best steel you will ever encounter.

I have to concur with the posting above. I would not wait to get a tripod or something to mount it on. I ended up paying more for the tripod than I did to complete the entire gun!!!!

If you don't like tripod prices now, I doubt you'll like them tomorrow. I see gun prices coming down, but not tripods. Just my anecdotal observation.
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