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Newly manufactured DShK Tripods coming soon

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I am running a batch of DShK tripods in two variants that will begin shipping in 45 days . All parts are precision machined and jig welded.
The type 1 mount will be an improvement on the Russian tripod that places the gun at aprox chest level and incorporates the original type charging handle . This mount will incorporate a ball bearing turn table and is designed for years of hard, repeated use. All leg fitmants , feet and other parts are machined, not cast or stamped. This mount will be priced at an initial price of $1440 and worth every penny
Here is a 3 renedering of the mount

The type two mount is an economical low profile design , very similar to the m3 tripod and is being built as a good basic tripod to get your DShK up off the floor and provide a rock solid platform to shoot the gun from. To keep this mount affordable the charging system is being ommitted , feet are disk type instead of spike and the turn table uses bushings. This mount will be $832 ready to drop your DShK on and shoot. I will post a few pics of this design over the next couple of days.

Let me know if interested so I can get a rough count on the # of laser cut parts to order for each model. A refundable deposit of aprox 1/3 will be required to fix a spot on the list for either mount.

On a side note I will also be machining some new DShK bbls in 50 bmg at some point in the very near future.

Thanks Richard
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