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NFA m11/9 $2500 f4 in PA

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I have a used m11/9, has been slow-fired using an m4 stock. runs about 550rpm. Asking $2500. buyer pays taxes. Pics are available. Suppressor is also available for another 200 plus taxes. I'll pay shipping. e-mail me at [email protected] with questions. -Aaron
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no interest out there? I'll take $2K and a m2 tripod w/pintle/t&e if that helps anybody
lets see if this works

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I sent you an email but I did not receive a reply so I assumed it was sold.
You still have the MAC ???? If so, where in SE PA are you? I'm about 55 mi west of Phila. If available will pass the word on to the guys. Im sure someone will be interested in it. Fire me an email either way.
done deal

Gun was sold pending arrival of cashiers check.
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