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No way this could happen to the French...lol

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Pirate can you stop hating on the french people...
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How stupid are the French elite ?
This is what Russia had to say about this today, a high end Cruse ship sailing a coast known for this ,and the ship was unarmed.
The U.S.Navy sort of said the same thing ,the entire world is laughing at this.
The BBC even said, in a world full of Chaos ,now and then we get to laugh at the French.
Paris ,embar- assed by this said they were on it ,but the fact that we do not arm Cruse, or Merchant Vessels ,is why no one as of yet, has been killed.
No ,an 80 Million $ Ship has been seized ,you have a Hostage situation ,and why the hell did the Capitan allow his ship to be boarded?
Google is saying there was over 800k worth of jewelry on board belonging to the passengers they just dropped off.
The French are going to have to show some balls in this one.
I don't think we or any other Navy should help them , I read where the Carnival Cruse lines ,in their Armory have G3 rifles ,and some FNH 50BMGs.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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