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Not selling any guns now!!

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Im gonna buy all ammo I can,,I dont like whats going on overseas,,,I do not remember anything like whats going on now in my 40+ years. I use to think the "survivalist" types were crazy but now I just see all this crap,,makes you think now. The only shooting will be enough ammo to site my guns in.
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Welcome to the world or "diversity" and "political correctness", both of which will be the downfall of civilized societies worldwide.

I guess its better late than never to jump on the survival bandwagon, its going to get alot worse before it gets better.

Theres a whole bunch of things you need to be buying before you buy more ammo. Check out some of the survivalists sites and start making a list.
Finalygotabeltfed said:
Theres a whole bunch of things you need to be buying before you buy more ammo. Check out some of the survivalists sites and start making a list.

Allow me to recomend WWW.SurvivalBlog.com. I read it every day right after I get my fix here.
100,000's of thousands of rnds ammo, food, water, medical supplys (wife is a LPN and avid shooter/survivalist), night vision, infrared, gas masks and more all in my little shack i call home out in the middle of the woods. Its not paranoid its PREPARED!
Geez,, after thirty years I don't feel alone :) Alot of the stuff I accumulated over the years went bad, but the knowledge is still there. Funny thing is, a little while ago I was talking to my friend of thirty years, another crazy man, about the fact that we were getting a bit long in the tooth to run the ridges the way we did back in the day. The world didn't end on our watch, I said.
I still have faith that things may work out,,,,????
I was born and raised in Oak Ridge during the early years of nuclear fear and everyone built bomb shelters...yes we had one to go to in the side of a mountain, but it was a few miles away. You see those old black and white films of kids practicing and drilling ducking under their school desks...that was me. Then there was the Cuban missile crisis which sent us underground again so I'm with Roc hoping and having faith that we won't have to resort to shooting, skinning and eating our neighbor to survive.

I guess I'm too old to run and too fat to get under my desk.
you must have a plan:D
to trust fate is naive :eek:
get what you think you need now
I need a TANK:cool:
your getting close

If your friends say "I'm coming to your house if the s**t hits the fan your getting close. I tell them jokelingly; bring lots of food!! A fast car and quality legal NFA's would help. That and more ammo and fuel to play with your toys are always fun!:D
I grew up in Jacksonville, Fla. during the Cuban Missle Crisis so I took in preparedness with my mothers milk (ummm, mothers milk, wish I had some right now). Fallout shelters, duck n cover, watch out for mushroom clouds, the whole deal. So when the term "Survivalism" came along it wasnt nothing new to me, just life as usual.

The worst that could happen if you have a few years supply of food is you might have to eat it all. And your grocery bill is a lot smaller when you buy in bulk. And you can never have too much ammo.

We recently had a power outage a few minutes after I ordered a pizza. When I got to the pizza joint I saw the owner trying to conduct her affairs by the illumination of a cigaret lighter. I ran back to the house and got her a couple of Coleman lanterns and lit them for her which she really appreciated.

While she was finishing my order we got to talking. I mentioned that I had a years supply of food, fuel, generators and a basement full of guns and ammo. She said "Wow, if theres a war, I'm coming to your place" I replied "Thats an exelent idea, if you want to get shot". She looked at me like I had three heads for a minute and then said, "Yeah, I see what you mean".

Dont wait till the last minute to prepare.
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All I have to say Pards is;
"Those who havn't learned from History, are destined to live it,,,again"

Believe it or not, We are poised on the edge of world war three, and we aren't going to be so lucky as to have the good luck to fight this one solely
in someone elses country! This ones gonna come home! Be ready! ;)
I live a scant 20 miles or less from the mexican border, it get interesting
down here sometimes! Last month at about 8;am on a Sunday morning, I
had to back an Ilegal out of my house at Gunpoint! he just decided to walk right in with a Big stick in his hand! I didn;t give him a chance to say anything, but just forced him out and all the way to the road with around
2 and 7/8 pounds on a three pound pull! WE live with needing a gun each and every day here. And mexico has already started helping Terrorists gain Mex Id's! Hmmm, I seem to remember that Japan had made a deal with Mexico back in the 40's :rolleyes:

"Big Ed"
Chad G said:
....I am not paranoid.....

Of course you are not paranoid they really are after you.
My neighbors have told me for years that if the s..t hits the fan they are coming to my place. They own lots of hunting weapons, but if it doesnt have a mag or belt I havent wanted it. I have been lucky enuff to get two complete m103 generator trailers for 300 bucks, the pool serves as a water source, and with 4 kids we always buy food in bulk, for cheapness purposes also works for emergencies.
I tell everyone that the issue when the s..t hits is not guns, but bullets and spare parts. It always amazes me when I talk to some one who has a gun and keeps a spare box( 20 - 50 rounds) just in case. You guys know that ammo is measured in case lots not individual boxes. As one sage said, no one has ever been disappointed by bringing to much ammo to a fire fight.
I think that those of us in the country will have an easier time of things than the city folk, but part of what we will need to defend ourselves from is the city folk suddenly discovering that cities dont have jack in the line of real support.
I have been paranoid for many many years, but just who knows.
And no I dont own any tin hats. Just a spare 1919 or two.
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That and remember, cash or credit is worthless. In a situation like Katrina, people will realize cash does not help. You can't eat it. Cash has the same value as toilet paper if it gets bad, that is all it is good for. Might not need all that ammo, but military calibers are common and can be traded, the new currency.
yeah what the

Yeah what the hell is up with everyone wanting to come over if the carp hits the fan... it never fails when were cleaning the toys in the shop and a customer comes in. I tell em hell I won't be here, I got enough people to take care of... Why don't they own there own armory. That should be commandment no. 16 Do not covet thy neighbors amory...

Hey I guess I shouldn't worry too much the National guard will protect us:eek:

I guess since credit cards won't be worth a damned I better run em up and buy some more parts kits:D

Whats the deal with conspiracy and it not blanking out survivalist this appears to be a double standard.... Aw what the hell it won't blank it out anymore?:confused:
Of course I would/will stock up on long term food stuff AND toilet paper LOL:) (thats worth alot in a trade!). I live on the extream e coast so I cant go underground or run to a mountain(8-9 hrs normal drive). I do have friends that live in rual areas and if we were to go "spend time" with them I would take my own supplies(after a phone call for a heads up). I really hope things do get better but it looks like once you are an enemy of a certain "society" you are at war untill the end. It pisses me off that one country(Isreal) bombs the Palistinians,,the Pal's burn the U.S. flag,,,,we didnt bomb them,,True the Izzys prob bought military stuff from the U.S but Russia has also sold ALOT of stuff too. I was in the US army and wore the damn gas mask with full MOPP suit,,I dont ever want to do that again!!
i love the neighbors

that snicker and make comments about my guns. they are always the first to say "i know who's house i'm coming to" yeah??? well es&d!!!

i've got my family to look after. i bought a dillon 650 years ago to negate the uncertain availability of ammo. now, i can crank out 800 rounds an hour and take whatever else i need.
Glock head puts
" i bought a dillon 650 years ago to negate the uncertain availability of ammo. now, i can crank out 800 rounds an hour and take whatever else i need."

Thats great but the math is off a bit, the gun eats the ammo at 800 RPM, the M stands for MINUTE. Your crankin the ammo out at 800 RPH, your gonna run out in the middle of a fire fight man. My signature says it all.
i hate math

and i have lots of hours to prepare :)
If and WHEN the balloon goes up, I've got a "Bug-out" bag with enough for myself and one other. The safe is filled with toys, and 3 will go with. One for long-distance (Confuse & disorient and allow bug-out time), one for close-in (Sig Pistol) and one for CQB, and good for up to about 250 yards. The CQB is central in my kit, and the others are secondary, as in a pinch, it'll work for all three jobs.

Night vision, extra rations, FIRST AID KIT, among a select few other supplies are in the kit.

The ONLY reason this kit is small is that I have a rather nice, discreet area to bug out to. I have a like minded friend that doesn't have quite the know-how that I was trained in. We've agreed that I'll bring my family to his area and work to stay low in visibility. Supplies have been recently stored, stocked, and inventoried and are "Good to go".

Am I among the "paranoid", or the "prepared"? I like to think the prepared! Is all this neccessary? Well, truthfully, I hope not!!! I don't relish in the idea of fighting my way into hiding, but something that I'm ready to do. No, fighting with my fellow American's to maintain the safety of my family isn't a good thought, but it's also something that every "survivalist" has to be ready to do in order to see the next sunrise.

Being prepared to give up one's life to allow just one more sunrise for the rest of the family is harder to do! This is something that a lot of "survivalists" don't prepare for mentally or otherwise!

Food for thought, and open to suggestions and comments!!!

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ILL and KALI ought to be the safest states out there in a SHTF situation, theres no evil guns that just jump up and kill people at 1,000 RPM like us that live in states that allow them evil F/A guns.

Dave, you already know im in full agreeance with you, i have a family to protect of as well, and do so i will!
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