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I don't like him ,he is dangerous ,and bad for this Country.
But you have to give this guy some credit.
He has stood up to, and is defeating the Clinton's on their own ground ,and made them look like retards.
I even find myself hoping he beats her.
Call it hatred for the Clinton's or whatever ,I hope he sends her back down into the cave she came out of.
If the Dem's pick Obama ,it means they have a little spark of brain left.
Enough of the Clinton's.
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i am pretty sure that we are going to be screwed pretty badly on the firearm front with whomever gets in to office. just hope that the scotus ruling will help us out for future laws that they try to pass.

i kinda wonder lucky. follow me here
assume he gets elected. the one thing that the man has is smarts.
the position of any good leader is not to drive with your ego (HC downfall)
but to surround yourself with super smart/ over qualified MFs in their own fields to really make the case and show the leader why this is the right decision. this is where many leaders fail. in corporate america too. i think that he might be smart enough to surround himself with great thinkers and doers.

i am in no way endorsing the guy here, but filling in the what if scenarios.

it is quite clear that hill both has her own agenda and owes a lot of people a lot of favors by now.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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