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I don't like him ,he is dangerous ,and bad for this Country.
But you have to give this guy some credit.
He has stood up to, and is defeating the Clinton's on their own ground ,and made them look like retards.
I even find myself hoping he beats her.
Call it hatred for the Clinton's or whatever ,I hope he sends her back down into the cave she came out of.
If the Dem's pick Obama ,it means they have a little spark of brain left.
Enough of the Clinton's.
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Remember,, you can only be screwed if you let yourself be screwed,,, The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed,, if Obama and the Congress does not understand that,,, it ain't my problem,,, its their's.

I mean this in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS,, I WILL NOT BE DISARMED by a bunch of ASSHOLES who can't seem to gather enough brain cells to manage to read a clearly written document like the Constitution.
Ya know,, I just don't hear as many people crying out for "Gun Controll" as I used to,, after Katrina, a lot of folks wised up. I think that most Americans have come to realize that sooner or later you might just have to defend yourself against an evil that can take many forms.

Most anti gun talk come from the special interest groups and the dems,,, I would like to hope that most americans are no longer entirely sold on the idea anymore,,, at least thats what I hope,,, otherwise, things could get real bloody.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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