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Ok. Is Now Fixed

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I need a pic of the opposite side of the accelerator spring PLUNGER than is shown on the tutorial. Mine went shooting across the shop when I took the guts out to look around. I can't tell by the pic on the tutorial what holds the plunger into the body of the lockframe. And I could not get it back into the lockframe to save my life. A better pic or a description of what mine should look like would be a great help.
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There is a small tab/pin/projection on the head of the plunger that fits in the slot on the side of the lockframe, if its missing than its time for a new pin.
FROM THE DISASSEMBLY TUTORIAL :) (just had to get that in there...you were probably referring to the build tutorial which doesn't show it well) here's the pic with the plunger removed and you can see the slot in the left rail and you can also see the pin sticking out on the plunger that goes in the slot. If the accelerator is installed you really have to use some thumb pressure to install the plunger. If you just pop the accelerator out of the way you can do it easier with a pair of pliers.

Also, you said it popped out. In the pic below, see that short pin/dowel sticking inboard from the right rail, that's the accelerator stop...be sure yours is still in there. Occassionally those will dislodge and cause the plunger to pop out of the slot because the accelerator ears traveled too far rearwards when cycling and smacked the front of the plunger.

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Thatis the pic. I need to know what is on the other side of the plunger. Is there a pin of some sort to help hold it into the lockframe ? Or am I totally just missing something ? I am going out to get it now. I hope that I was just not trying properly to assemble it.
OK. READ post slowly. Get all info. Yes, plunger, I do not remember seeing a pin on the side last night.
Look at the plunger in the pic above in my previous post and to the far right end of the plunger, sticking away from the camera is a pin about 1/8" in diameter and about 1/8" long. It just sets in the slot in the lockframe and there is nothing on the other side holding it in place. When the concave area on the right end of the plunger is engaged straddling the barrel extension rear tang dowel, that is what holds it in place. Look in the pic below to the left thru the bottom of the lockframe and you can see the plunger spring compressed and the right (or forward) end of the plunger sitting straddled the barrel extension tang.

Notice that there is a hole in the lockframe right beside the trigger the same size as the plunger. That's where the plunger slides back and forth while cycling so when you install the plunger you have to feed it thru that hole while seating the pin in the slot in the left rail. That hole is what retains the rear end of the plunger in place while the barrel extension tang retains the front end.

If your plunger does not have a pin sticking out the side of it, at the right (forward) end, then it is broken. I know this stuff can get confusing...hope that helps.

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The little pin on the plunger was sheared off. Replaced it with a roll pin for now.
Sounds like you found the problem. Good deal.
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