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Brother came for the 11th Old Time Racers reunion.......so did 74 other 'old-time-racers'....anyway, he brought some gun mags, I am too cheap to buy them. In a June '22 version of Sarco's ad, were DShK ammo cans with 60 rnd belts. Apparently these have been advertised for some time as they only had one left.

Surely someone here got in on that?????

I have some of the 10 rnd sections that must have come in under klinton. Barry made me a tool to use to reconnect them. When I find them (??) I will make that 60nd belt into a 90....or whatever will fit into the gun mounted can. The 12.7 ammo cans with loose rnds do not have a 100, didn't count them. I could never get the loaded belt back into the gun mounted can, always needed to shoot 6-8, then stop and close the lid properly.

Anyone else doing that??

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