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ORF Semi 1919A4 Complete Rifle?

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Not sure where this should be posted, but here goes anyway. Has anyone had or having any problems with ORF's triggers/sears? Are all semi-auto bolts machined for wider sears than the F/A sears? Thinking that I could fix the crappy, flimsy sear and blind man welded trigger, I ordered a KMP set from ORF. Wrong, the set they sent me matched each other, but the sear was to narrow to work in my bolt. Now I am trying to locate a new bolt for a S/A with the narrow sear channel.:confused: Can someone here help me turn this junk into something useful. (No, I don't think it would make a good trotline sinker, would just twist up and poison the fish!!!) Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time,
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Dont throw your bolt away! The wider ORF sear slot can be welded up and recut for the KMP sear. Email me for details at [email protected]
Tx, I didn't think of that. Was just getting tired of messing with this gun. I just may know someone that could do that and lives in my general area. By the way I live in Southeast Texas. If you are from the same area, maybe you can recommend someone with experience doing this.

Get back to Tomt at KMP.. They have the wider sear to go in the ORF bolt. Its the same price as the narrow sear....WAAAY easier than welding up and remachineing the bolt....Lou
Lous right. I forgot that Tom was making a drop in sear for the ORFs

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