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People who should be found quickly and killed slowly. . .

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I think

I hope those five guys aren't stumbled upon by some of those Camp Le June Marines down there. If so to bad so sad:eek: They'll get whats coming to them and knowing Marines I'm sure he still gave them a run for there money...
KILLED SLOWLY? How about this! We drag them behind a pickup truck:eek: for a mile but start off slow as to give them a chance to run along side and git winded, After that when they have some good road rash going on we cover them in salt and rubbing alcohol. After the screaming stops we drive 1 more mile and repeat the process.;)

Sometimes I embarassed to admit I belong to the human race with punks such as these and only hope that karma is real.
WOW! You would think they'd be safe there of all places. They don't let people have guns there. That alone should prevent this kind of thing from happening.
I hope they roast.
Buried to the neck and rat cages over their heads would be too kind.
The best thing is to send all five to Iraq and let the hostiles find them and behead them!
Bury them up to their neck in a Fire Ant bed.
Dang, you guys got some scarey ideas. I was thinking we could just have them nibbled to death by a flock of Muscovy ducks.
How about resurrecting one of Saddam's industrial shredders? Feet first works for me, just like Uday used to do. :mad:
Snoopin' and poopin'

I imagine there isn't a bandage, splint or crutch available at any Marine base, training center or barracks within 300 nautical miles of Buffalo, NY. And, I'll also bet there is an inordinate number of "wounded" Marines who smoke on the streets of Buffalo tonight. :D
Of course this is pathetic to happen to anyone, worse to happen to someone trying to find some kind of life after loosing two limbs and a complete tragedy it happened to a young hero fighting for his country! However, the crime itself does not bother me as bad as the criminal himself. How low does one have to be to treat a woman like that, one with a man minus two limbs? Even if this sucker is low enough to do it how could he do it infront of four friends and how could four other Americans let him? This crime should tell us all something about a certian slice of the population-pretty Sad. Hotch
I can't stand theives,, won't tollerate them. The 38 is in my back pocket all the time. I hate to hear his type of thing,, with all the DC anti's,, senators who deny reality,, My mind is alive with payback for these ****** c#@ksuckers,,, can't go into details. Suffice it to say, there would be five stinking rotting corpse's in a ditch somewhere.:)
Better yet shove a funnel up their asses and drop fire ants into it. They'll answer for their actions someday....Steve S
It makes you wonder what's happening to this country. Where's the Respect.
Better yet.....

Why not go and "kick some verbal ass" on people who laugh about such things?? ->

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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