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Petition to drill here now

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Petition to drill here, drill now, Pay less

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North sea brent and louisiana sweet crude produces more per bbl than that arab sour ,..

we need to give the oil co's a tax break and a fast track past environmentalists to build refineries. Our refineries are at capacity here.
Dream on, Scotty,. you can't compete in the world while countries like venezuela, saudi arabia, china, india, ect subsdidizethe price of fuel for their citizens, they get it for .25-.50 cents a gallon, we have to sell our first born male child for a tank,..

I can't make a living with a inbred, 45 mpg in the city, 35 on the highway?.. gimme a break.. there's a go cart engine under the hood,.. I haveto haul a 1000+ plus in the back of the truck and tow a trailer.. besides, those inbreds look gay..

I guess a inbred is ok if you live in the big city and don't have a life. but you can't make a living with is when you have to compete worldwide. Have you seen the replacement cost of a battery in a inbred??. $$$$$$$$$$$$,.. you can buy a used SUV, and the disposal and mfg of those batteries are not very green.

And look at diesel,.. the recent hike in price is from environmentalists wanting the sulfer removed.. forget ethanol,.. it costs more to convert corn to fuel.. no savings there.. and the pulp is no longer fit to feed to the hogs, (if you are lucky, you may have some drunken pork)

I got a idea,..

"Alms for the poor!!! Beer for gas!!"
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I agree,. Tom.

I live in Louisiana,. a oil rich state that supplies the US with about 40% of the nations oil,..

I wish the govs of the other oil producing states (Tx, Ok, Wy, Ak, ect) would get together and charge .25cents a gallon for each gallon of petroleum and NG product going to states that have oil and refuse to drill for it..

call it a "Ecology " tax make em scream!!!

we in these states need to maintain the ecology of the oil rich areas..

Here,.. we lostt the barrier islands that protect the coast to Katrina,, let cali , fla and the east coast pay for it, they benefit from it..
2nd there is so much oil up there we didn't have the equipment to map it properly.
On the surveys i was on paid for by the Feds they would look at them and say WTF is this ? this is incomplete !
I looked at the little MIT pin head SOB and told him i didn't have the equipment to accurately measure some of these places.
He looked at me and said ,No Sh4t ?? You Will get it ,tell me what you need.
It was there in two days , $750,000.00 worth., nice stuff.
My seismograph trucks got larger thumpers and receivers because the ones on them would send the signal ,and it didn't come back.
My boss when he was younger ran trucks like that in the middle east ,he said they never had that happen there.
In other words ,these were some BIG ,MF deposits and they were deep.
The guy who took my place told me they still do not completely know how much is there ,and we have only mapped 25% of the area they want to drill in ,now you tell me we are running low on oil .
And i know just the fella to call and get you a wonderful job sitting in a truck looking at charts.
Lets see your jaw drop ,or your reaction when you see this.
Or when you align your dish ,and send this to Houston and have them come back saying ,U715 Alpha ,please calibrate and send another scan ,this one seems to be in error.
Or make you get up at 4:00 AM and go back out there on your day off because this isn't what cooperate was expecting .
If we are running low on oil it is because someone wants it that way ,not because we don't have it.
And 2nd old buddy ,if another country wants oil ,you are in a Baaaad place to be.
Keep your ass dry and warm ,and guess what ? I aint got no Skeeters !

Phal,.. where I'm at.,. there are skeeters and gnats, when the tide is low, you smell methane, in the summer, you can still see on occasion,. willow the wisp,.. (figure that out,. rory,.. lolzz) and many of the waterways in the marshes and swamps have a perpetual sheen on them..

that says they be oil n gas deposits in them thar lands in the banana republics,.. lets inflate the prices and sell to the kalifornians and flouricidians... make em beg till they start drillin
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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