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This was sent to me from BarrelXchange, if you agree with the premise please copy and send it along...

Petition to Require citizenship to be eligible for Social Services in the United States, No amnesty and No free services for illegal immigrants. Agree or Delete: Instructions to sign are at the bottom.
PETITION FOR PRES. BUSH, Gov. Swartzenagger and Congressman Dana Rohrbacher 1.

1. Mary Takami, Calif
2. Connie Dodd. Calif.
3. Frank Beirau, Calif.
4. Barbara Murray, Calif.
5. Dody Farha, Okla.
6. Woody Farho, Okla
7. Donna Capatosto, CA
8. Larry Capatosto, CA
9. Ryan Capatosto, CA
10. Samantha Capatosto, CA
11. Nancy Brown, Torrance, CA
12. Daniel Brown, Torrance, CA
13. Tamara Clark, Torrance, CA
14. Darrin Clark, Torrance, CA
15. J. L. Thome, Torrance, CA
16. J. E. Thome, torrance, CA
17. Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach, CA
18. Howard Thrall, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
19. Jim Lehman The Dalles, OR
21. Ed Melone Phoenix AZ
22 Laetitia Borden Phoenix AZ
23. Billy Walker, Phoenix, AZ
24. Cheryl Walke, Phoenix, AZ
25. Richard Brice, Denver, CO
26. Rita Goodwin, Capistrano Beach, CA
27. Sharon Glenwinkel, Vista, Ca
28. Jeanie Sandahl, Weaverville, CA.
29. Claudia Payne, Redding, CA.
30. Charlotte Shenefield, Orange, CA
31. Evelyn Medina, riverside, CA
32. Barbara Brown, Rossmoor CA
33. Betty Mummert, Whittier, Ca
34. Vicki Mummert, Anaheim, Ca
35. Gene Coursey, Whittier, Ca
36. Gil Sattler Jr, Lompoc, CA
37. Lolita K. Sattler, Lompoc, CA
38. Edward Parker, Lompoc, Ca
39. Leroy Mitchell, Lompoc, CA
40 Samuel Beaton, Lompoc, CA
41 Donald P. Atkins Jr., Lompoc, CA.
42. Donna Dela Cruz, Lompoc, CA
43. Patti Shiflet, Lompoc, Ca
44. Roberta Saling, Merced, CA
45.Kathlen J. Pellerin, Bakersfield,Ca.
46. Susan J Pellerin Sedona AZ
47. Annette Johnson, Lake Havasu City, AZ
49. Les Urbatsch, Williston, ND
50. Doug Coughlin, Longview, TX
51. David Schymick, Xenia, IL
52. Terrie Schymick, Sandoval, IL
53. Don Schymick, Sandoval, IL
54. Patty Devine, Carlyle, IL
55. Joe Devine, Carlyle, IL
56. Bill Devine, Carlyle, IL
57. Angie Devine, Carlyle, IL
58. Joe Devine II, Carlyle, IL
59. linda keymont, e wareham, ma
60. ray keymont sr, e wareham, ma
61. dave keymont, e wareham, ma
62. mike keymont, w wareham, ma
63.pat venezia,saugus,ma
64. Joan Duffin, Mesa, Az
65. Kristin Duffin Plymouth, MA
66. Shari Pittsley, Carver, MA.
67.Michelle Courtemanche, Weymouth,MA
68. Susan Desrosiers, Quincy, MA
69. Kelly Ryan, Dorchester, Ma.
70. Jennifer Guerra, Brockton, MA
71 Judith Cann, Plymouth, MA
72 Nat Connolly, Hamilton, MA
73 Burton Hawkey, El Cajon CA
74 Helen Hawkey, El Cajon CA
75 Kenneth R. Bradt El Cajon, CA.
76 E. Marie Bradt El Cajon, CA.
77 G. Michael Lee West Haven, Ut.
78 Tracy Lee West Haven, Ut.
79 Hartmut Jeske, Ogden, UT
80 Dorrene Jeske, Ogden, UT
81 Dorothy E. Littrell, Ogden, UT
82. Mary Johnson, Kearns, UT
83. Anita Musto, Cedar Hills, UT
84. gilda c. hurford
85 donald hurford
86. Donna Ramos
87. Jim Buchanan, Chicopee,Ma.
88. Daniel Molden, Plant City FL
89. Toshiko Molden, Plant City FL
90. Alma Walker, Wellington KS
91. Joe Terrill, Topeka, KS
92. Shirley Terill, Topeka, KS
93. Larry McCracken
94. Kay McCracken
95 Joseph Sacco, fl.
96. Betty Smith
97. Ronald Mac Donald
98. Jo-Ann Mac Donald
99. Paul Bevis 100. Deanna Short
100 Deana Short
101.Don Short
101 Lute Eldridge
102 Carol Eldridge
103 Jim Reed
104 Colleen Reed
105 James Kirkland
106 Donna Hinson
107 Bud Hinson
108 Ellis James
109 Libby James
110 L A Johnson, LA
111 Tim Gonda,La.
112 Mark Ward, FL
113 Tony Barrow. Fl
114 Terrie Span, Fl
115. Tammy Felkins NV
116. Ken Albright NV
117. Judi Bruns, CO
118. Sandy Brumwell
119. Mike Brumwell
120. Carol Houston, MT
121. Gene Houston, MT
122. Sharon Bryars MT.
123. Joe Devlin WI
124 Dick Lambert WI
125 Phil Spotts WI
126 Steve Mays IL
127 Troy Edhlund IL
128 Brian Penley IN

If you will send to at least ten (10) people and ask each of them to send it to ten (10) people, besides sending a COPY back to the one you received it from, the petition will grow to the MILLIONS.

If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names. If you do not want to sign it, please forward it to everyone you know.

Thank you!!!

To add your name, click on "forward", or "copy and paste" to new email. You will be able to add your name at the bottom of the list and then forward it to your friends.


http://us.f518.mail.yahoo.com/ym/[email protected] <_javascript:eek:l('http://mail.yahoo.com/config/login?/ym/Compose?To%[email protected]');>
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