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If you receive a PM from spammer - like the one below - Let a moderator know the spammers user name so they can be banned.

nazzaxy said:

I am interested in buying the Front 10" MG42 that you have placed for sell now, and I would want to enquire about the present condition of the above mentioned, as well as some detail about you. I expect this timely enough.

As for the payment, I would need you to get back in touch with the last asking price as I will be paying with a certified cheque.

Lastly, please forward to me your full company's (or house address, telephone and fax) details as I will subsequently prefer reaching you through these facilities.

Yours interestingly,

Raymond Griffiths

Should you need to reply to me, Please get back in touch with your
details to me at:eek:[email protected] for a quick reply.
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