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Check this out.
I hope there are enough of us!
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Don't give up hope yet, LT. IF some folks heed the recent advice and jump ship to influence the Dem primary, the fight may continue. I'd love to see a convention where the delgates are so closely divided that the machines go to work. Aside from what would likely be one for the history books, it could derail the socialist agenda for a few more years as I would be surprised if the Clintons did not take a scorched earth tact (if I can't win, no one wins).

On a brighter note, even if we end up w/a commie in the white house again the legislature doesn't have to follow that agenda. If the Reps get a good enough smackdown, they may wake up and return to their conservative roots which could change the legislature in a couple more years. Whether the leadership is capable of learning that is anyone's guess.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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