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Price Check Ar-70

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I have a Pre-89 Beretta AR-70 .223

Has Bipod, Gas cut-off/bayo lug front sight block, grenade sights,flash hider . 2 30 rd mags. 1 Extra Complete Bolt carrier/bolt, Piston/spring.
I have less than 200 rounds through it.

Just curious.

ONly way I'd get rid of it is if someone offered hard $$ or had one helluva trade.
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Those same few are always on the gun auction sites.
I have seen them go for about $1500-2000.

Once in while I have heard on forums of guns going for $1000 or so.

I have always wanted an AR70, but just never wanted to pony up the money.

Consider taking a Wildey Pistol in trade?

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