So I’m thinking of selling my TNW semi FN Israeli stamped Ma Duece.
Arthritis is causing so many problems, I have not had it out of the safe in 10 years. And I lost my gun crew, 1 to cancer, 1 to Covid.
Would like to see what a fair price would be. Comes with 3 barrels, 1 in VG condition, 1 VG stellite lined, 1 new unfired.
M3 tripod, WW2 dated,VG parkerizing
T&E, Pintel (for M2, not 30/50), Headspace gauge
Two Toumbstone drums loaded each with 200 rounds of 4:1 ball/tracer, total 400 rounds ready to fire
Lots of manuals, 2.5 20mm ammo cans full of clean, appears new links.
50 cal linking press mounted to oak board.
New vinyl cover for M2, VG canvas cover for tripod head.
I’m leaving for Mexico for the winter in about 2 weeks. Will be back in April 2023.
I had my high school friend who was lead armorer for AZ National Guard Shooting team check it out when I bought it, he found no wear or assembly problems.
Again it’s a FN, Belgium made, not USA. I tried contacting FN to trace serial number but had no luck.
Interested parties can contact me directly for pics. Would appreciate input on what this would reasonably sell for. Thanks All!
This would be a private sale.