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Price of a 50cal. parts kit???

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I know it is not a 1919 but are their 50 cal. parts kits still out their??And what would be a fair price?

Weasel ON

Thanks Randy
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One came up awhile ago on ARFCOM, like 3 months for 5 grand.
Try this:


Ed Haywood, built an absolutely superior build of an M3HB for me when I returned from Iraq at the beginning of the year. He is a quality craftsman with a reasonabley priced product. His customer service is also superior to the competition in his market.
A Wise Man

A wise man once said........ if you have to worry about HOW MUCH it costs....... you cant aford it.
Yeah but another wise man also said "A fool and his money are soon parted".;)
It has been my sad duty to go to many funerals over the years. Both for very wealthy and no so wealthy people. I have made it a point to look and it has been my observation that there is only 1 hole . Your dressed in a rented suit with the ass out of it and a smile on your face. POINT IS "you cant take it with you and your kids will just piss it off". BE HAPPY, MONEY IS PRINTED TO BE SPENT just my .02
Do they really take the suit off you when they plant you?
That is just weird.
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