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autodoc said:
or get an M53 kit from centerfire and a rear receiver section from IMA and you've got a project for about $500.
You will still be missing the "barrel guide sleeve" (pressed in front section that the booster/flash hider screws into) and the trunnion (camming piece) part of the receiver.

The total price (if you can find it all) would be:

Centerfire kit - $350
IMA rear reciever pieces - $135
barrel guide sleeve - $40
trunnion piece - $150
Ratchet plate - $35
SA conversion parts - $300

For a total of $910. Note that all these prices are rising, sometimes daily. The list does not include rivets, tools or misc. supplies.

For that you wind up with a FIVE cut receiver. That is five welds you have to make.

For about $1600 ($1300 for the kit with receiver + $300 for conversion parts), you get everything you need, including a four (or if you are VERY lucky, three) cut reciever, if you buy one of the kits on auction sites.

Note that I am not selling recievers or kits and am actively scrounging for parts.
(I wish I was selling kits. REALLY good kits with receivers were selling for $550 the beginning of March, until they ran out).
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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