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Proper Storage

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This is my first post so i hope its in the right fourm-anyway i have to store my 1919 vertically in my gun locker--- i dont like that-but for now thats the only way i can. Is there a proper direction i should store it ? on the booster or the handle?
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Hi Waffendude and welcome. I don't know if their is a proper way to store the ol 19 . I store my a4 & a6 on the grip, been keeping them that way for years no problems at all. the ol 19 doesnt seam to care.,,,,,,,Smokin
If given the option I would rather store the 1919 on the pistol grip vs. the booster. However, I don't think storing the 1919 on the booster will hurt anything (mis-align the booster) as long as you are gentle with it when you put it in that position.
Storage Up or Down??

I think every firearm should be stored muzzle down because if you store it muzzle up ; you give a chance for all the oils and greases to run back into the action etc; on the 1919; you will be letting oils etc run back into the buffer disk area. I have been storing all my stuff for years muzzle down with a pan in the bottom of my safe-- You would not believe how much stuff comes out of a clean gun in a few months of non-use-- Especially AR-15 type rifles seem to drip forever-- IMHO I would rather have this stuff dripping down and out instead of into the action; I always check my barrels for oils before shooting also-- This is my opinion and it works for me so try it; it is not the norm but may be a better way. I have been doing this for years since I started noticing oil collection on the buttplates of my Ar-15's; FAL's and HK series rifles.
For most firearm's I store them muzzle end down. The 1919 though I don't feel is in the same category. I would store mine muzzle end up. Can't see where it would hurt a 1919. That's where I dump all the oil anyway.
As a kid in the early sixties my father took me into his units arms room the M1919s were stored muzzle up in the racks.
Also, take into account guys, that these have survived at least 3 wars (if not more) and far more abuse than we could ever put on them being secured nicely in the safe.
Personally, i don't think either way can really damage anything.
In the Army, M-2s are stored barrels removed, spade grips up for what it's worth.

Muzzle down here. Keeps crap from draining into the buffer discs and provides a handle to pick it up. I'm sure it doesn't matter. It's just what I do.
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