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Storage Up or Down??

I think every firearm should be stored muzzle down because if you store it muzzle up ; you give a chance for all the oils and greases to run back into the action etc; on the 1919; you will be letting oils etc run back into the buffer disk area. I have been storing all my stuff for years muzzle down with a pan in the bottom of my safe-- You would not believe how much stuff comes out of a clean gun in a few months of non-use-- Especially AR-15 type rifles seem to drip forever-- IMHO I would rather have this stuff dripping down and out instead of into the action; I always check my barrels for oils before shooting also-- This is my opinion and it works for me so try it; it is not the norm but may be a better way. I have been doing this for years since I started noticing oil collection on the buttplates of my Ar-15's; FAL's and HK series rifles.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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