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Quad fifty rental at Albany shoot August

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We have restored a manually operated quad mount that we picked up from TNW. We have gotten all of the buggs worked out of the unit and it is ready to be loaded with weaponry. We are putting four M3 .50 cal guns in it and running them all full auto at the next Albany Rifle Range Machinegun shoot in Oregon. If anyone is interested in Shooting the quad we will be running it at $3 a bullet, or for a 100 round burst, 25 rounds per gun we will charge $250 for which will last 1.36 seconds . If anyone is interested in attending the event here is the website. http://arpc.info/
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Make sure you get video, would love to see that setup.

Definitely putting together a video!!! I think were going to do a 200 or 400 round burst with APIT!
Wasnt it the King of Denmark that said of the Maxim when first seeing it in action, "this thing would bankrupt my kingdom in an hour!"?
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