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I have sent for a cdnn 1919a4 at their special price in 7.62 nato. I was told by them it was made by rapid fire in ohio. What is the scoop on these weapons? I have been reading all the forums I can find and some love them and some do not. I was told cdnn had 153 of them in stock which makes me believe they bought some wholesaler out which they are known to do. I want
any help. I have on order cloth belts, trunion protector, and A6 kit. I did talk to Todd at rapid fire and did read his web site. Seems like an ok guy to me. I live outside phila. pa. in the north west suburbs. Anyone near hear who I can
talk to about these weapons. I am not new to military weapons having owned and shot just about everything out there including all types of belt feeds and sub guns. It helps to have friends who like this kind of stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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