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Question for MG42 experts

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Hello men, hope some of you can identify the difference in some of these parts for me. I have a couple of extra bipods and top covers that are manufactured differently and I was just curious as to the history or country of origin of them. Pictures follow. the first picture shows two bipods, the only difference that I can tell is the nut that changes the leg height when turned. One is grooved deeply with what looks like a ball nose end mill, and the other is knurled. Next to the sheet metal, where the one on the right is welded. The one on the left also has an egraving of what looks like a wreath of grain ending at the top with a centralized star around a group of burning torches...a banner under the torches says 29XI 1943 below the engraving or more likely stamp, is C (german semble of some sort ) PJ and L-36369. Where is Captain Kirk when you need him:D :D
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I'm not so good with bipods. Pirate may be able to answer that one.

The topcover on the left is from a 8mm M53 Yugo. Is the other one on the 8mm, or .308?

It looks like a MG1 or MG3, if it is .308.
How do you determine the caliber?
IIRC, the width of the cartridge notch in the top cover.

It is easier with the feed tray. If you have the feed tray that came with it, you can measure it with a cartridge. A 8mm will not fit in a .308 feed tray and a .308 will be very loose in a 8mm feed tray.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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