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Question on Bolt and Sear

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First post, but I have been reading this forum for the past two years and I appreciate all the wisdom and advice. I am working on my first build and have been trying to make sure all the internals are working before I commit with the last rivets. I have a newbie question (I apologize in advance if it is one of those obvious type things) that I haven’t found an answer for using search or reading the tutorial

I am using a KMP trigger and sear. When I put the driving spring rod into the bolt, I cannot lock the rod by turning it to the right one-quarter turn unless I push down on the sear. Once it is locked, I can unlock it by turning one-quarter to the left only because the nubs on the driving spring rod catch on the top of the sear and depress the sear. I haven’t figured out how to depress the sear when the gun is assembled and bolt retracted so it creates a little bit of a dangerous situation because I cannot secure the rod before removing the back plate.

When I look at the right side of the sear (looking at the back of the bolt) the metal flange on the sear that runs up the channel in the bolt (sorry for the poor terminology) continues all the way to the top. As a result, there is no way for the left nub on the driving spring rod to rotate unless the sear is depressed.

All the pictures I have seen of the sear are from the other side so I cannot tell if the top right corner is suppose to be milled out to allow clearance for the nub. Am I doing something wrong or might I have a problem with the sear? Thanks
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Like Lucky13, I had the same thing about a year ago. A small amount of grinding and you're good to go.

Cav Trooper
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