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Questions about TNW's Mg34 semi

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A friend, really wants a MG34 semi , I told him the triggers are about 20lbs on my old gun and i had problems,i had to sent it back a few times, so my question is for you guys that have run them a while, will they last 10 -20 k rounds with out parts failing off?. As anyone adapted a MG3 tripod with the remote firing leaver ? ,that would take care of the bad trigger.

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My freind has a "LaFayette" type tripod with a red stripe of paint on it and he could not get his MG34 to fit. Plus you must buy from TNW a little adapter type piece to mount(just screw it on, simple) on you MG34 for it to fit on the tripod. My tripod did not have the red stripe(different manufacturer maybe) of paint on it and it fit and worked fine. The trigger is a two finger pull neccesity(it's trigger pull was heavy). Plus if you go out and fire 20 rounds it is fine but if want to fire alot of it will experience different issues. TNW is not like Ruger that fixes things way out of warranty no questions asked, they charge you for everything. The ejector screws loosen and the sears need to be fixed frequently(maybe after two times out firing about 500 rounds each time). Both of our guns experienced these issues. We both sent our guns back to TNW to fix(you can't sell something that does not work) which they did and after we verified they worked fine we both sold ours. The rifles were very accurate. The 1919's with Emory's "Cranckfires" are the best, parts are readily availible and once you are past the learning curve they are the best to shoot.
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Now I (and my friend bought one also)bought a PKM semi from WLA and it works right out of the box. We both fired about a thousand rounds each.
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