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Knowledgeable people have told me to ship USPS Priority Mail - insured and with restricted delivery - which means they leave a delivery card and you have to go to the PO and show your driver license to sign for the package. This signature requirement makes the insurance binding since they cannot release the item to anyone but you. :cool:

Well, sort of, it depends on where you live. I live 8 miles from town and the mail man brings everything, if he has to tow a trailer behind his pickup he will. I have yet to show a DL and only once did I sign for a package and after opening it discovered it was not my name on it. However I delivered my neighbors glasses to him myself. US mail is leaps ahead of UPS other than the noted insurance and tracking.

UPS has some real problems, like lack of a brain in many cases. I sent back an empty box UPS one time insured for $300. It was a VERY special packing box for optics and had a core charge of the amount insured. UPS says they lost my package, I asked how and they said" contents were lost" and I asked about the box and they said they through it away and I asked why because I was shipping the box and they said they through it out because it was empty so I asked how they knew and they said they opened it so I asked why and they said "because it was empty" Go figure, Hotchkiss
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