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Reloading Press Recommendation

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I am just getting back into collecting/shooting after a few years away(divorce). I am amazed at how much 7.62 has gone up in price! Because of this I think I am going to get into reloading my own ammo. Any recommendations on a decent manufacturer/model? Not bargain basement but not top of the line either, something mid-level. Thanks in advance.
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Check out MIke Dillons "Blue Press" catalog. He has the best equipment and service by far and they range all the way from mid price and up. The progressives are modular so you don't have to purchase all the accessories at one time. They can be added as you want or can afford them.

I have known of several people that had a problem after much hard use for a long time. They just wore out a piece or two and he repaired and replaced them at no charge.
Dillion has rebuilt my 19 year old 550b 3 times for free. And I mean it was really worn out ! Their NO BS guarranty can't be beat. If your new to reloading, then consider a Square Deal B, if you need rifle support get a 550B. If your experienced in reloading, get a 650.
dillon 650 is my choice. :D
I know its slow,, but steady,,, my RCBS Rock Chucker has loaded more ammo than I'd like to remember,, somewhere near 30 years old and still going strong.
roc im in the same boat my rock chucker has been very loyal. however i have 2 piggy backs that i really like even though they are 20 years old. i have a dillon 550 to load .223-.308-30/06 and it is the best choice i think. you cant go wrong with the dillon 550b i would no buy a square deal my opinion:)
Reloading Presses

My suggestion is you start with the RCBS Rockchucker, for basic sizing and future bullet pulling, next to it place the RCBS Partner for bullet seating, next set up the Dillon 650 and 550 both are progressive the 550 is faster to change calibers (easier from small quantity reloading), and lastly the RCBS Ammo Master to primarily handle the .50 BMG but also doubles as a progressive press. Lee builds good products to the task needed and are not "over built for strength", Lyman also builds an excellent press.

The KEY reason I go with the RCBS or Dillon line is "Dillon/RCBS Operator: Hello how may I help you?" Me: "I just broke the depriming pin on my Berdan decapping tool". Operator: "We will have that replacement part in the mail right away at no cost". Me: "Thank you, I really appreciate your help." Customer support is extremely important to me.
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Since I only do small amounts of reloading and only 30-06 and .45 my very old second hand Dillon 450 works fine for me, plus they still send me free replacement parts that need replacing, but the best part about Dillon is that the people that answer the phone are all reloaders them selves so they can help you, some day I hope to up grade and it will be another Dillon.
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