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Reloading ?????

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just thinking what to buy for Christmas , thinking of a Dillon 650, but have heard the ammo place that demills ammos is closed, so it it still the way to go . or should I spend it on a new gun and buy wolf? Will there still be supply's to buy and if so will I save any money in the long run? thanks
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I can...

Take it from a 30+ year reloader: You do not want to start with a progressive reloading setup. When you use a progressive reloader there are several things going on at a time, some of which can be dangerous if not caught.

Get a single stage unit from any of the name brands and then get a good reloading manual and study it first. Scratch that. Get the manual, study it and then decide if you want to get into it. Reloading can be a rewarding past time if done right. It is also a lot of work. Graduate to the progressive later.
I can agree with that too... I still have my 25+year old single stage loader however if you are still so inclined to get a dillon my suggestion is get the 550 it much easier to use because you can move at a single shell rate or the multiples... + Its a lot easier to figure out if you priming issues shellplate issues... Caliber conversion takes minutes vs. 30-45 minutes... Lets we have one 1050, two 650's, one 550 and the shotgun press...:D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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