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Remove "No bus, with Badge & Gun" post

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OK,,Enough,,,,Everyone has an opinion,,,,Even on the home page its says "No flames ref LEO's " . Remove it and make room for 1919 stuff.:rolleyes:
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I think I found a decent solution....from now on, posts from the Open Talk forum will not show up on the home page. They are not deleted or removed, the forum is live and well, but post that are in it just will not show up on the site's home page. Better to keep the site on focus anyway.
Thank you. Locking threads is fine, deleting implies it was something you don't want everyone to see.

Open discourse is good. I've been around this site for a long time. I like the information here, it was helpful. My profile was reset when the transfer to the new site happened, and I see you need some contributions to help with the site, I'll try to get you some cash to help.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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