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removing rivets

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The 1919 kit i have still has a little bit of the right hand side plate still riveted on. Im not realy sure how to remove the rivets but i would imagine you just use a punch and hamer. if any body knows what to do here i would apreciate it
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This has been the best selling point on the kits from OOW. They are the only ones without those grinding marks on the bottom plate. Sure, it's more work, but well worth it.

The one thing I would add to Cav Trooper's post, is you may use your 60 degree countersink to clear more of the rivet head before punching out. You may not need to do that, but it can help sometimes. The bottom plate holes do have a slight countersink under those rivet domes, but you don't want to enlarge it. Don't go too deep with the drill either. You want to have some rivet head left on the inside to drive the punch against.
Sounds like you are missing the Extractor Cam. Call OOW and let the know. I expect they'll take care of you. If you get the cam and need the 5/32 rivets, those will be available shortly. :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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