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Right Rear Cartridge Stop Placement

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Will someone please post a picture of a properly positioned/mounted right rear cartridge stop? I can't tell from the tutorial pics if I'm positioning it right. Is there supposed to be a small gap between the small tab that extends towards the outside side of the RSP and the feed tray. It appears so from the pics and that jives with the way mine appears to mount. Thanks!!
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This is a 308 build BTW.
no gap, just position that thing on the side and push it back so that the tab is against the side of the RSP. you dont want it to get in the way of ejecting links. Look a the pics on the first page of this post http://www.1919a4.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1744
Thanks. The gap I'm referring to however is shown in this pic. It's the small gap below the tab that extends to the side of the RSP. The gap must be normal as I see no way of positioning the cartridge stop any lower.

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you got it, on all the guns i've built i just position it all the way back and all the way down. as far as it will go anyway
Agreed. I would try to be sure that it is flush against the vertical edge of the side plate and not worry too much about the gap at the bottom. These like to try to rotate sometimes but there is not far for it to go. Be sure to use the large diameter rivet, I think it's .201 or so, like the top plate rivets.
Thanks guys. Looks like I got it pounded into place where it belongs.
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