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I have been off site for a while. I pulled the plug on the machine gun business 8 years ago to free up time to build a riverboat. She is finished and in the water now.

"The Sebastian Marie" is 97 feet stem to stern, 25 feet wide and draws only 26" of water. She weighs 85K pounds. Powered by a John Deere turbo diesel she makes six and a half miles an hour at 2.5 gallons per hour. She is fitted with a long tail drive similar to riverboats in Thailand. She has a GPS guided autopilot, radar, and the latest electronics.
bridge view.jpeg
drive unit.jpg
She carries 800 gallons of fuel and 240 gallons of fresh water.

My goal was to build the 'Swiss Army Knife" of river boats. She's all open deck with an offset pilot house like an aircraft carrier, with a landing ramp forward. As a ferry, she can carry 6-8 cars. As a work boat, she can carry 38K lbs. As a long term cruiser, as configured now, she has a camper, a forward salon tent, a dinghy, motorcycle and cargo crane. Hydraulic bow and stern thrusters assist in docking.

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Ryland ,
I would expect no less from a mind like yours !! The "Mud Skipper" drive Beautiful coupled with the J-D turbo you get fantastic fuel efficiency for an 45.2 ton load ,she may not be fast (over rated metric) but she will get you places few smaller vessels will reach !! You might even be able to make it up the river to very near my "front yard" ,draft is not the problem one bridge would block you but at normal level i bet you could make the Very tight turns to reach here ........
I remember the original idea and you pulled it off with Style ,a Swiss Army knife oh yes Gold plated one she is !!
( I still think she needs at least one deck gun if only to salute the setting sun each evening !! )

I still have my "Expert since 10:30 am " Tee shirt which i treasure my friend !!
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