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Running 250's

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I just got a chance to try out my orf 1919, it worked flawlessly, except for 2 failure to pull the rounds from a new 250 belt, I expected that since it was so hard to load, 3 days with vice grips and gloves gone in 3 minutes. but my question is this, what would a acceptable amount to run one before letting it cool off, I usually run the ak's until they get to hot to handle and switch, but there is no indication on the 1919, I just know my black a6 cone is now a whitish color and that was only from 248 fired in a few minutes. When should I back off and where can I get the cheapest .308 barrels, cause I see right now Im gonna try and wear this one out?
thanks in advance for any advice....:eek:
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Well you hit it on the head - get a few spare barrels. Sarco, ORF, Ammunition Store, pretty much all over, and they are reasonable in price. As far as backing off, I wouldn't worry - the only thing you will do is burn up a barrel faster, but that's the fun of it. I'm guessing you shoot a semi-auto - you didn't mention a crank fire device. My advice is get one and really spend money on ammo! :D
Until you are able to afford a full auto I would not worry about it, Besides barrels are cheap.:cool:
you should see the flash hider on mine after 250 rounds in 30 sec with a crank very hot..and i do this almost every time i shoot it,belt after belt. still on the same barrel too....just ask anyone here who goes shooting with me.....:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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