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Russian 22lr

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Has anyone bought and shot any of that Russian 22 LR ammo that Sportsmans Guide has in their latest email flyer, 2500 rounds for $60, even though I can't afford it right now I'd buy some to put away at that price, I've never had any problem with Russian 7.62X39 but I've never tried any of the small stuff. .22 is one of those things that would be worth a whole lot if TSHTF, I can reload the rest of my ammo but .22s are a one shot deal.
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That almost sounds high,, I have been buying Federal .22 bulk boxes of 550 rds from Walmart for $9.84,, at that price, you can get 3300 rds for $59.04 + tax,,, but no shipping. Plus, for what its worth,, its made in the USA. I shot quite a bit of it and its good stuff and brass to boot. I have been buying a couple of boxes everytime I go there.

Just for the fun of it, I sent them,,SG, an e-mail asking about their Guaranteed Lowest Price,,, could be interesting.
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