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I bought my first Mosin in 1998 from a guy with a C&R. I was FASCINATED with a milsurp gun for less than a hundred bucks. 69 bucks actually. All the bluing was gone and the bbl was rough, but I was a broke college student and ammo was CHEAP. I fell in LOVE with Mosins simply because you get SO much bang for the buck. I obtained my own C&R back in 2000.....a few years after, M91/30 arsenal refurbs just FLOODED the gun market. Here were brand new (looking) guns, sold with a sling, a ammo pouch, tools and a cool ass bayonet for 99 bucks!!!! So I bought a few more. Then the prices started creeping up......109, 119, 149, 179....I bought my last Mosin about 5 years ago for 199, I remember thinking 'damn, they are getting expensive'. Last month a relatively well known importer was selling '!!!!!RARE Mosins for 300 bucks, includes RED SHELLACKED STOCK!!!'. Thats when I knew the arsenal refurbs had dried up. Now it looks like weve stumbled on the junk again.

I got spoiled by cheap priced refurbed guns with all their accessories. 119 bucks for a shootable Mosin is still a great deal for anyone who didnt stock up on them in the last 10 years. They are great beginner guns and you dont feel bad if some noob sands and refinished the (cosmoline soaked) stock. Hopefully whoever found this stockpile also found a jazillion pallets of ammo and x54R will go back down to .20 a round. :cool:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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