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Don't know if this is the place to post but I keep getting rust on my BAR op-rod, just behind the piston rings. No matter how much I clean it or oil it. I only shoot new ammo. I shot my 1917A1 also, no rust. Gotta keep the post related. Anyone else have this problem? Frazer
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This is just an off the wall comment as I don't know how the BAR OP rod is constructed. But the problem may depend on how the op rod is made. Is it hollow and is the part with the piston rings assembled to the end of the rod or is it the milled into the rod. If it is hollow there may be water traped in the rod that leaks out around a seam. The water could be from the parkerizing sollution. I once cut off the badly bent leg of an M2 tripod only to find half a cup of water inside. I also encountered this with a BAR bipod after parkerizing the legs. If this seems like a possibility you might try heating the rod and see if any steam comes out.
Just a thought. Does the op rod rust only when assembled to the gun? Would it rust if you left it out of the gun for a few days after firing and cleaning? Is the Op rod contacting another part of the gun like the front grip? Does the rust go all around the rod or just in one spot?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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