There are tons of parts literally just collecting dust four m249 handguards
4 saw/240 slings
4 saw cheek risers
4 saw complete buttstocks
2 pintle adapter one with a shield and pins
A 1919 breech block I can throw in ...don't know how I got it
M2 buffer body with forks
Universal pintle adapter (upa) functions flawlessly it's just surplus so it's seen use
And finally four t&e post completely functional working order just don't have the bodies
And a 240 pintle with cable and push pin
Any interest let me know I can sell the whole lot or parts
Saw stocks /60
~~T&e heads/25~~
~~Buffer body/ 125~~
~~T&e adapters/45~~
Machine gun slings/30
249 cheek risers/20
249 handguard 30

Wood Bag Art Tool Glove
Wood Font Gas Auto part Art
Wood Hand tool Shotgun Gas Air gun
Black Grey Font Wood Bumper
Tool Auto part Metal Fashion accessory Nickel